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Hello, my name is Jasmine! :)

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I created Yummyholic in 2012 and initially started it as a foodie apparel company. In the Fall of 2015, I re-launched as an online bakery specializing in custom small treats that tasted as amazing as they looked.

My original intention with Yummyholic was to create a brand that called on the hearts of every other yummyholic - someone who identified with the joyful pursuit of all things yummy, adorable, and delightful.

But Yummyholic was also an ever-evolving adventure and an extension of my personal identity. As a multi-passionate being, it included elements of my culture as an Asian American woman, my childlike heart that never tires of Legos, and my commitment to serving the community.

Eventually, the one creation that I became really known for - my portrait cookies - started to take on a life of its own in the form of cookie activism. This part of the adventure has been amazing and led me to opportunities beyond my imagination, including speaking on the TEDx stage and having my cookie art turned into lesson plans and curriculum shared internationally.

But these opportunities also made me feel like Yummyholic had slowly drifted from its intended brand identity, and so I placed my online bakery on hiatus while I returned to school to research and develop the idea of pursuing baking as a form of art therapy.

I'm elated to re-introduce Yummyholic, returning to its mission of spreading joy throughout the world by filling it with both happy tummies and happy hearts. While my work as a cookie activist/educator/aspiring bake therapist continues under my own name at Jasmine M. Cho, I will let Yummyholic be steered by my inner kid who relishes in punny jokes, all things cute, and treats that just taste darn good.

Kid Jasmine
Kid Jasmine

As Yummyholic slowly returns to its playful identity, I know it will also grow with a team of magic makers to help deliver more sweetness out there into the world. But right now, Yummyholic is still just me - I am the person baking, decorating, bagging, and bowing every treat I deliver to you with all my love and hopes that it will fill your hearts and tummies with joy. Your patience, kindness, and support are beyond appreciated as I try my best to accommodate as many requests as I can!