Dream Cream and Yummyholic

Expect narwhals and nomicakes this Friday, Nov. 20th during Light Up Night in Downtown Pittsburgh when Yummyholic hosts its first pop-up event at Dream Cream Ice Cream!

This will be Yummyholic’s first storefront appearance since relaunching its brand and opening its online store about a month ago. We’ve been causing a lot of oohs and awws through social media with our cute treats and kickass projects and want to invite everyone to come for a taste of what we’ve been baking up!

There will already be a lot going on throughout Downtown Pittsburgh with tons of family-friendly events to enjoy, but we can give you six more reasons to stop into Dream Cream with your sweet tooth ready to say hello to Yummyholic:

    1) The first 50 people who purchase a scoop of ice cream this day will get a FREE Chocolate Chip Oreo Monster Cookie! Think cookie inception - a cookie within a cookie - where we stuff a classic chocolate chip cookie with a double stuffed Oreo cookie to double your pleasure. Not to worry if you’re the 51st customer and beyond! There will be a limited supply of these cookies for sale during the pop-up event and more for you to preorder for the holidays.

    Chocolate Chip Oreo Monster Cookie


    2) Enjoy free samples of Yummyholic’s cupcakes and nomicakes as they make their official debut on our menu! Cupcake flavors we’ll be debuting are our PB S’mores, Pink Velvet, Vanilla Sky, and Chocolate Midnight.

    We’re also excited to reintroduce Yummyholic’s signature treat – the nomicake! Nomicakes are named after the Japanese word for “beverage” – nomimono - and are cupcakes inspired by Asian drink flavors, soaked in a delectable concoction of sweetened condensed milk, and topped with fresh whipped cream. Our two most popular flavors will be available to sample and purchase: Vietnamese Iced Coffee and Thai Iced Tea.



    3) Be the first to preview and order from Yummyholic’s holiday menu. Designing our holiday menu was no small matter. We wanted to be as inclusive and celebratory of diversity as possible with our gift boxes, and you’ll be the first to see what kind of designs we’re offering this season. Preorder during the pop-up event and guarantee your spot on Yummyholic’s holiday list before we close off orders for the season!

    4) Gain chances to win a FREE CUSTOM CAKE! We’ll be holding a raffle, and every purchase you make with Yummyholic will count toward more raffle tickets!

    The winner will win a single-tiered, 8” round or square cake with a custom 2D design or custom 3D topper redeemable at any time during the New Year! (Note: Single-tiered 8” round or square cake equals 10-12 servings.)


    This was Yummyholic's 2D entry into the Threadcake competition entitled "Hadoukat." The raffle winner can request a design as elaborate as this if they wish!

    5) View Yummyholic’s Nightmare Before Christmas themed gingerbread display at PPG’s Wintergarden! Yummyholic's first ever gingerbread house and entry into the 55th Annual PPG Gingerbread House Competition will be included in what's been named one of the best gingerbread house displays in the country. Snap a picture of the display and tag us on social media for two free raffle tickets! Facebook: Yummyholic, Instagram/Twitter: @helloyummyholic

    Nightmare Before Christmas Gingerbread House

    You can snap and tag a picture of any aspect of the display whether it's a close up of Jack and Sally or the entire house. Once you take and tag the picture, just show us your post at Dream Cream Ice Cream during the pop-up, and we'll award you with two raffle tickets. The Wintergarden is only a few short blocks away from the shop!

    6) Still not convinced? Every person who makes a purchase either with Yummyholic or Dream Cream Ice Cream during the pop-up event will receive a coupon for 10% off on a future Yummyholic order!

      If you don't have a sweet tooth for pastries, Dream Cream will still be selling all their delicious ice creams and sorbets while also premiering their hot beverage menu. Transform your hot cocoa or vanilla latte into a Dream Steam by adding a scoop of ice cream into your drink!

      So mark your calendars and bring your entourage, and we’ll see you all Friday for a sweet night!

      Yummyholic Light Up Night Pop-Up Event 

        Date:Friday, Nov. 20th, 2015

        Time:4pm - 8pm

        Location:Dream Cream Ice Cream, 539 Liberty Ave (next to Grit & Grace, adjacent from Market Square and the Fairmont Hotel)

        Menu(Price Range: $2.75 - $33):

          Cookies:PB Pups, Coconut Hedgehogs, Chocolate Chip Oreo Monsters, Narwhal Chocolate Sugar Cookies, Christmas Poo Vanilla Sugar Cookies

          Cupcakes:PB S'mores, Pink Velvet, Vanilla Sky, Chocolate Midnight

          Nomicakes:Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Thai Iced Tea

          You can RSVP on our Facebook event!

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